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::Are we falling in love?:: by roe-ru
by roe-ru

First of all I'd like to say I was blown away with this piece when I first looked at it. Whoa, totally swept off my feet. I love the in...



Judas Goat New year by NoisyBunny
Judas Goat New year
Happy new year everyone one. More Yuri from me~~
Yuri Academy  Student Application by NoisyBunny
Yuri Academy Student Application

Student Information


Name: Ayami Usagi 
Age/DOB: 18/ 1996/07/08
Height/Weight: 5''10/130 lb
Physical Description: Usagi has a bob cut and a long braid that looks sort of like a grown out rat tail in the back. She is in the North dorm and has the sort of dead pan eyes that make it hard for her to have room mates. Her eyes are bright green and she dyes her hair red. She takes care of her flesh making her look beautiful and was lucky to never get achene. She is Asian-American with a tone above ivory. She has a mole on her inner right thigh.  

[Academy Information]

Dorms: North
Relationship Status: Single
Reason for Joining: I want to rp some yuri and this seemed like a good place.


Personality: Usagi has a chip on her shoulder that tends to drive people away from her. This chip is her obsession to become the best, or to be the smartest person in the room. This makes it hard for people to want to be near her. She is also rather interverted from knowing from a young age being a lesbian. It didn't particularly bother her but she knew it was unacceptable for big time company owners like her parents. This leaves her with major resentment towards her parents and she rejects a lot of their attention leaving her even more so alone. She is the type to like cute things but will keep it private, not deny it but won't flaunt it. Usagi doesn't love herself much and will be unable to love anyone else until she gets over herself.  
Likes: Hard candies and competence 
Dislikes: Noisy rooms and incompetence 
History: Usagi was born into a wealthy family. She had been given everything she wanted. What she couldn't get she worked at and became an expert in. She has a giant brain and tends to lock herself in her brain. This left her parents unsure what to do with her. Their immediate answer was private school. Usagi had gone through most of her life through a cold world. She didn't help by coldly ignoring people because of her chip. Usagi knew from the age of ten that she was to take her over her family's company. It was a wonderful dream until she discovered her love for everything but business. Mostly liking cute things, art and writing. Usagi had been transfered from school to school after she was twelve. That was when she discovered her love for woman. 
She expressed her way of love by tormenting the girls and making them cry. She had done this by staring at them, doing most the work in group projects and awkward complements. She might have also cupped a girl's butt once, that part is left fuzzy. She didn't tell her parents of her knew feelings since she knew it was unacceptable. Now at eighteen she is trying to enjoy her last year at high school. Since she won't be going into college and straight into the family business. She is will to accept her fate and wants to enjoy her last year of freedom before her parents starting bringing boys home for her to 'meet'. They where obviously old fashion. 

Family: Mother, Father and the rest of common families. 
Extra Information: "This is Usagi here," Said the red head. She blinked her sharp green eyes to the audience. "I am just telling you all up front I snore in my sleep. That is all." She set the mic down and left the student body. 
RP Methods: chat rooms/pms
Tots worth it. by NoisyBunny
Tots worth it.
This what happened Before Yuui convinced Allie to go with her to the pretty abandoned building. This is how their first interaction would be. Yuui is purposefully an ass and a detective. She also is a major flirt. I can see the way Allie would meet Yuui would be while Yuui is doing some sort of detective work with her partner Danielle. Yuui would want to tease her for her tomboyish side but if she was acting prissy this is what would happen. She would pick up on anything she thought was sensitive and burn her with it. Finding the soft spot for her brother would be the killing blow. Again being a flirt and more or less a good person she would try to make it up to her. By showing her something no one else has seen.…

Allie is not my chara she belongs to
So I haven't exactly been on that much and I'm sorry but this is (among other things) have been keeping me busy. 


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Princess Xan
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I'm Xan but you can just call me Princess ^^
I'm a bit of a Otaku and my Moe comes and goes. I have a lot of bad points but my good points are worth hanging around for.
I'm not only talented in Pens and Paper Art but also literature and having a big ego at times.
I look out for my friends and family and I love all sorts of music and trying new experiences!
Please take care of me everyone!! m(_ _)m

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